As the starting point and the rule of thumb, I would like to say this. Earning online is not an easy task. It needs dedication, commitment, and patient. If anything seems to be too easy, then there is a 99% chance that it could be a scam. Okay, keeping that thing in mind. let's learn more about online scams and frauds.
A smart thing about Etoro is that I have noticed and I thought that I wanted to teach you on. In Etoro's website home page, there is a little warning about how many Etoro traders lose money with trading. "76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider" Etoro's Warning about the risk
Part 1 If you are a novice in the forex world, then most probably Etoro will be your first playground. I'm telling you that not because of that Etoro is the best place to start trading but they have an amazing platform that does everything for you. On their platform, it is very easy to start trading even without zero...

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