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How to earn money with Google Adsense




How to earn money with google adsense

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What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is a program backed by Google. Google has a network of publishers in simple terms, people who own websites that deliver quality content with text, images, and videos. Once these owners applied to be a publisher. Google will review their websites and if everything is okay, then google will start to show adverts. These adverts are coming from Google Adwords. Adwords is a platform that uses by business owners to promote their brands and businesses.

If I explain a small scenario. Just think you are a company that sells vehicles. So you need to promote your business among the people in your state or country. So you go to Google Adwords and start a paid campaign by targeting your state and country. Also, you can narrow down your audience by their interests, age and by the devices (Mobile/desktop) as well.

Then google will search for a blog or a website that already registered as a publisher in Google Adsense and also matches with the advert audience. Once found Google will automatically show your advert to the users. Once a user clicks on your advert Google will deduct an amount from your Google Adwords account. A percentage of that will go to the Google Adsense publisher. That’s how Google Adsense publishers earn money.

How much you will get paid by Adsense?

The amount paid per click will depend on some facts.

  • The origin of the website traffic (Visitors)
    Basically, you will get a higher amount for the traffic that comes from American and European countries and less amount for the Asian countries.
  • Advert Category
    If the advert is in a highly competitive category like Travel, Medical, etc. you will get paid higher amounts.
  • Source of the traffic
    If your website visitors coming from social media, Google search results, Youtube, etc.. then you will get paid higher amounts.
  • The category of the website (Niche) and the keywords used.

Normally the amount paid per ad click starts at $ 0.001 and goes up to $15. Very rarely it can go above $15 to $200 level. Most commonly Google pays $0.01 to $4 for the clicks coming from Asian countries. And $1 or more for American, and European countries.

How to start earning from Google Adsense?

Before you start earnings you have to apply for the Google Adsense account and your account must be approved by the Google Adsense team. To get the approval you have to have a Blog, Website, Youtube Channel or a Mobile application that built according to the guidelines given by the Adsense team. Once applied google will review your eligibility and let you know about the status through an email. Normally this takes around 7 days to 30 days.

What is the best option to start with?

As I mentioned earlier, you can start with Blogsite, Website, Youtube Channel or Mobile application.

Blogsite and Website

The easiest way to start your Adsense journey is by creating a website or a Blogsite for you. You can start a Blogsite free of cost. Click here for more information. When we comparing a Blogsite with a website, A website can get more visitors and better earnings. As a website is highly customizable and can design according to the topic and the category, most visitors feel comfortable reading articles from a website than a Blogsite. If you are not good at designing a website, it is always better to get support from a professional. So you will get a better performing website and it will be easy to get the approval as well. I can recommend 3 Links IT Solutions for quality work and fair price. I got my two Adsense approved website developed by them around $70 per each. You can buy a domain name just for $0.98 if you click this link.

Youtube Channel

Starting a Youtube channel is a great way to get higher earnings than a website or Blogsite. But to get the monetization approval by Youtube you have to achieve two milestones.

  • At least 1,000 subscribers.
  • At least 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months.
  • Also, the video contents must not be affected by copyright issues.

When compared to a website, this is a bit difficult to achieve.

Mobile Application

When compared to a Youtube channel this option is not much harder to start or to get the approval. If you don’t have experience in developing a mobile application I recommend contacting 3 Links IT Solutions as they have all the services that you will need.

How to get the revenue?

So once you successfully get the approval from Adsense or Youtube. The adverts will start to show up on the website or the videos. Then daily earnings will be shown in your Adsense account or Youtube channel. Once you earn $10 you will get a letter with a pin number. then finally when you got $100 earned. Google will send your earnings to your bank account. The address and bank details can manage through your Google Adsense account.

I hope you got almost all the details to get started with Google Adsense. If you still have anything that needs to clarify. Please do not hesitate to add a comment below. I will help with all the knowledge I have.


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