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Online scams and frauds you must beware of




How to be safe from online scams and frauds

As the starting point and the rule of thumb, I would like to say this. Earning online is not an easy task. It needs dedication, commitment, and patient. If anything seems to be too easy, then there is a 99% chance that it could be a scam. Okay, keeping that thing in mind. let’s learn more about online scams and frauds.

1) Phishing attacks by emails

Phishing email sample

This is a very old and widespread threat. Mainly what they do is, sending you an email as it comes from social media or a popular company.

They give you a warning and ask you to log in to your social media using a link in the email and recover your account. When you go to the link and enter your login credentials, those are not going to the original website. Instead, those details will get saved in the attacker’s database. Later they will sell them or use those details to blackmail you.

Sometimes the emails come with a huge cash gift or a lottery win. Then ask you to verify your way of receiving the payment. You have to browse to the link supplied in the email and enter your credit card details. As soon as you enter your details they will save those details in their databases and use later to purchase things. Some attackers only use 1 to 5 USD at a time, so even the owner doesn’t feel that his credit card is stolen.

How to be safe from phishing emails?

It’s easy, as I said earlier don’t accept easy money. No one in the world wants to give you money without any profit. So next time when you see a lottery win or cash gift by emails, Please ignore them. If it is a warning or some other message from a social media or company. Then never click on the link in the email. Instead, google the company name and go directly to the company website and then log in. If it is a real warning it will appear in your newsfeed or dashboard.

2) Blackmailing

Using your web cam without permission

This is a kind of a new method that attackers are using. Once they hacked into websites and stole user account details they keep those details on their databases. Later they send emails saying that they have recordings of your private actions or nude scenes captured by the webcam. To prove that they will send that your old password in the email. When you see a password that you have actually used a little time back, then you will fall into a situation to trust this message and think they really have something that can harm your social life.

Using that fear the attacker then asks you to deposit a huge amount of money to a crypto wallet and then they will delete the footage. The main reason to use a crypto wallet is to stay hidden, crypto transfers don’t need to share private details. instead, anyone can deposit any amount to a given address.

How to be safe from blackmailing?

To stay safe from these kinds of attacks, do not register yourself on a website that doesn’t have SSL certificates and necessary security precautions. Also, do not give permission to access your webcam.

3) Ads and banner click

paid ads and banner click scams

These online scams also have a very old history, maybe more than 10 years. Most of the people who try to earn money online are get caught with this scam.

On these scam websites, there are two types of subscriptions. The first one is totally free subscription and the other one has packages. If you purchase the higher value package they promise you that they will show you more adverts and high income.

Once after you subscribe, paid or free. They will show you some amount of adverts, banners or videos per day. What you have to do is click on each advert and watch it for around 10 to 30 seconds and then close it. Per each advert, they will pay you around 0.005 to 0.05 USD. If it is a video sometimes they will give even 0.5 USD.

The main thing common to all those scam websites is, they don’t allow you to withdraw funds until the total comes up to a margin. Most of the time that margin goes up to 400 USD to 500 USD. SO to reach that margin you have to be active on that website at least for 2 or 3 months.

Actually, you will never reach that margin because the scammers have developed their websites to automatically reduce the adverts count that they show you per day. Even you try to contact them through support tickets, they will never get back to you. After a few more months the website will also get not available. So finally you have to let forget it somehow. With these types of online scams, you will lose your money and your valuable time as well.

Best practices to be safe from online scams

  1. There is no chance to win a lottery, that you never purchase.
  2. No company needs to give you a cash gift secretly. If they really want to give you a gift they will do it publically because it will help them to market themselves. So never give your credit card details.
  3. Check your credit card transactions at least once per week. Even if it is a 1 dollar transaction that you don’t remember about, then call the bank.
  4. Always use a proper antivirus software

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