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With our previous post, we talk about how to earn money with Google Adsense click here to view that article. Today we are going to learn about selling your skils. Within the last few decades, selling services became the best source of income generation. Now we can sell services online and make money from home. Working online and earn money is a daydream for many of us. So let’s find out how to make that dream come true.

How to start working online?

If you already have a full-time occupation, then you can start this as a side income. Otherwise, you can be a full-time freelancer and start your own business. Before you start selling, you have to identify what skills you are having with you. And what you can do better than others.

Can I copy someone else?

Never think about what others do and start copying them. Instead, start something your own that you can do way better than others. For example, you may have skills like singing, dancing, story writing or programming.

Once you found what you can do then covert it to a service. For example, if you are good at singing, then think a way to sell it as a service. It’s not rocket science, just think about an advertising agency, so that the company may often need someone can sing their back-ground songs or someone can supply them with background music. That’s how you convert your skills to service. Once you do your first contract with them, they will start to continue coming back to you when every time they need a song or a music track.

How to find customers?

Then the next issue is how to find customers who need services. If you have the capital to spend, then you can buy an office space and start advertising you. Or use google Adwords, But here we are not talking about that. We are talking about starting with zero capital.

Then at that point, we have to find someone who advertises us and bring customers to us. Are there places like that? yes, of course, there are. There are online platforms that bring customers to us. For that, they will take a commission on our earning. Sounds fair right. Let’s talk about them now.


Fiverr is a leading platform where they meet the buyers and sellers. You can click here to be registered as a freelancer or skill hunter. Since we are focusing only on how to earn money let’s focus on selling your skills. I’m going to teach you how to register as a seller on Fiverr.com step by step.

What you need to become a seller?

Working online is a war, So before you start and just register in Fiverr prepare yourself. The first thing is to write a small description about yourself it can be around 100 words. Withing that 100 words you have to express your education and what you can do. Sometimes only reading this small description a customer can think to contact you or not.

On the Fiverr, we can display what we sell, we call them Gigs. For example. If you are making background music then you can start a Gig named with. “I will create amazing background music”. Once you selected the name, then you can think if you going to divide your Gig into three packages with different prices or stick to one package. Both ways there are pros and cons so try to decide what matches your service better. Since you are a beginner yet, don’t put higher amounts. Start with a fair price that will attract more customers. Then the most important thing. For each GIG you create you can put a description. Use it to express everything that you going to offer to the customer. Make it simple but focused.

To get success by working online, you must have had trust in yourself. Just as you get started you will get nothing. Try it and get failed, then start again. Never give up!

How to create your first GIG?

Start with a small intro about you and your experience, then try to convince why the customer should hire you. Then explain what you are going to deliver with the GIG, may be edited image, a soundtrack or a website. Don’t hide anything, let the customer know what he is going to get at the end. You can go around 1,500 words on this description so don’t be lazy and put short descriptions. Use all the features given to you by Fiverr. You can highlight, Bold and put bullet points. So use them all and make it attractive.

Last but important. The GIG images. you can upload up to 3 images per GIG, Don’t just search the internet and take something that matches. If you don’t know how to edit an image then hire a graphic designer and ask him to design some attractive images. If you took from Google sometimes the Fiverr may reject your GIG upon the review stage. So always try to create 3 new images. Also, you can upload a 1-minute video of what you do. A little intro video, that will help you to rank your Gig faster and get more customers with no-time.

So, if you follow all the above steps correctly now you have a great Gig, so as the last step you can share your GIG on your Facebook and other social media websites. That will also help your Gig to rank on the search results faster.

How to get your first job in Fiver

There are thousands of online blogs that help you how to create your GIGs and how to start working online. But most of them don’t teach you how to get your first job. So here we go! In Fiverr there are thousands of Freelancers who desperately try to catch the customers. So I think that you can imagine the competition. When the situation is going like that, just creating a GIG will never help you to get customer attractions. So you have to put at least 5 GIGs with different skills and services that you can do. All those must be as detailed as I told above. Once you create those GIGs, you will then start to see buyer requests. The below image will help you to navigate to the Buyer requests.

Where to find buyer requests on Fiverr

Buyer requests will not be available every time you navigate to the Buyer Requests tab. Fiverr publish those requests at different times of the day, and it is not the same time every day. They change these to reduce competition among sellers. So try to refresh or visit that page frequently so at least one time per day you will see those.

You can send up to 10 offers per day. So don’t send all of the offers as soon as you saw the requests. Just read the intro of a few requests and decide what are the most suitable for you and manage your 10 offers to send to the most appealing requests. If you got a message back from a customer on the very first day actually you are a lucky person. But in most cases, it will keep at least a few days to get a message from a customer. So don’t give up, if you did not get a message today then try again tomorrow. And never send the same text to all the customers, write something that matches the customer’s requirement. That way the customer knows that you have read his requirements. It will increase the chances that he will contact you.

What to do after you receive your first order?

Working online is not easy, it is not your typical job. For me, getting the first order in my account was the most amazing thing I had ever in my life. You have won your first battle. Then you have to do the task at your best level. If you can do something extra it will cost you a few more hours but it will definitely satisfy your customer. And deliver on time, never get delayed on your orders. So if you did all these things well, surely you will get your first 5 Star review from your customer. That is worth more than money. Because your next customer will definitely have a look at your reviews and it will give the customer a better understanding of yourself.

So, I think I cover every possible thing, that will help you to start your career. If you have any issues please feel free to put a comment here.


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